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Sewer Cleaning Services

Trust our professional sewer cleaning services to keep your lines clear.

Sewer Cleaning Services

Trust our professional sewer cleaning services to keep your lines clear.

Keep Your Sewers Clean with Coretech Plumbing Service, Inc.

Explore professional solutions for keeping your sewer system in top condition with our extensive sewer cleaning services. Our committed team combines advanced techniques and vast experience to guarantee your system’s peak performance and dependability.

Whether it’s regular upkeep or urgent repairs, we aim to surpass your expectations with superior outcomes. Rely on us to ensure your sewer system operates seamlessly and effectively, allowing you to concentrate on your priorities.

What We Offer

Drain Inspection

We utilize advanced camera technology to inspect your sewer lines and identify clogs, leaks, or other issues affecting your sewer system.

Drain Snaking

Our high-pressure water jetting equipment effectively cleans and clears debris, grease, and other buildup from your sewer lines, restoring proper flow.


We offer professional root removal services to address tree root intrusions in your sewer lines, preventing damage and restoring proper drainage to your property.

Root Removal

We offer professional root removal services to address tree root intrusions in your sewer lines, preventing damage and restoring proper drainage to your property.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Regular grease trap maintenance is essential for preventing clogs and ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Odor Detection and Treatment

Our experts identify the source of odors and implement effective treatment solutions to eliminate unpleasant smells and improve indoor air quality.


When it comes to plumbing services, choosing us means opting for reliability, expertise, and unparalleled customer satisfaction. With our team of seasoned professionals and commitment to prompt service, we ensure your plumbing needs are met with precision and care. Trust us to keep your home running smoothly every step of the way.

Our Other Plumbing Services

Water Line Repair

We are fully prepared to address any water line issues with accuracy and proficiency, guaranteeing a continuous clean water supply across your property. 

Water Heater

From precise installations to efficient repairs and regular maintenance, our skilled team ensures your water heating system operates at its best.

Drain Cleaning

Utilizing modern methods and cutting-edge tools, we ensure your plumbing flows smoothly, averting potential clogs and upholding your system’s integrity.

Gas Line Repair

Our knowledgeable team follows stringent safety measures and uses the best techniques to quickly and safely correct gas line problems.

Pipe Repair

We pay close attention to every detail and strive for excellence in every job, quickly resolving any problems to maintain the durability and efficiency of your plumbing.

Signs It May Be Time for a Sewer Cleaning

Regular sewer line maintenance is often overlooked until problems arise, but it’s crucial to have them checked and cleaned every two years to prevent issues.

Signs indicating the need for professional attention include water backups in tubs or showers, slow drains caused by clogs, unpleasant odors indicating potential clogs, and unexplained flooding around your property, all of which may necessitate a timely sewer cleaning to prevent further damage and costly repairs.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Molly Weiss
Molly Weiss
So glad we found Coretech for our plumbing needs. We’ve had issues with our shower not properly the draining, and our issues were fixed in a timely manner! The assessed the problem, explained the cause and gave us a solution. Chris and Frank worked efficiently and gave us an honest and fair quote for the work needed. I would highly recommend these guys and we would certainly use them again for any plumbing work.
mi pal
mi pal
They were thorough with their work. Gave some good advice and what I needs to be done or can wait. Options are good. 👍 highly recommend this company to anyone.
Chuck Hickman
Chuck Hickman
Needed a new water heater, after due dilligence chose Coretech. They showed up on time, asked the right questions and quoted a fair price. End result, we not only got what we wanted, but what we needed. Excellent installation done on time.
Harvey Brown
Harvey Brown
CoreTech Plumbing just replaced my 17-year-old water heater and I am very pleased with the results. The quoting process was very easy; I provided pictures of my existing installation and was given a quote over the phone, which included the brand of water heater I wanted. We scheduled for Chris and team to visit to confirm the quote. During the visit, he confirmed the quote and informed me that they could make the installation at that time. Within a little more than 2 hours, I had my new water heater installation. The heater is located in a walk-in attic on the second floor so removal of the old unit was a challenge, especially since it would not drain and they had to remove it almost full of water. Although they had to go across hardwood flooring and carpeting, they completed the job with up most care to my home. I definitely recommend CoreTech Plumbing.
M Alexander
M Alexander
Chris and Francisco did a wonderful job fixing the kitchen sink plumbing. They ordered a replacement faucet and garbage disposal, which they installed lightning fast!! They even cleaned out under the sink where the water had done damage. Pricing was very reasonable and no duplicate surcharges. Super friendly, knowledgeable, and very trustworthy!! Excellent service!
Mike Sisk
Mike Sisk
Quality work for a fair price! Will call them again for future work.
Gail M
Gail M
We have used Coretech on 4 different occasions. Once for a very slow drainage problem, then again for a yard leak and pipe replacement (this was 2 different calls). Lastly, they replaced and plumbed all the fixtures for a complete ensuite bathroom upgrade. The owners and their entire crew are very professional in their work, and how they treat their clients. They are thorough in their assessments of problem areas and make it easy to understand. My husband's and my first impression was that they showed up. (we had called 4 other plumbers before we found them.) They were able to find the problem, give us a solution, then fix it. No stalling around, no putting us off. The rest of it is pretty emotional for me. I was getting outrageous water bills from an outside leak in my yard while my husband was in the hospital. While they were not equipped to find the leak, they were exceptionally quick to come and fix it after the leak had been located. It was not just a patch job, but a fix that I was not charged for. I later decided to use them to replace the pipe from the main to the house so I wouldn't have to deal with that kind of small disaster again, charging me a very reasonable amount. To top it off, these guys set me up with a very talented contractor when I wanted to overhaul my bathroom. They have always treated me with respect and kindness, and even went beyond to help out when I became widowed. They will be my only call when I have any plumbing issues, and my only recommendation for anyone needing plumbing repairs. They are good at what they do, and they know what they are doing,
Compuaide Technology
Compuaide Technology
Water heater failure 12/14/2023. Called Coretech as a new client at 08:05/14th. Very Professional, Attentive and Asked me right questions. They were able to fit me into the schedule on 12/14/2023 and before 4:30, had a new, upgraded and professionally installed hot water heater. Absolutely satisfied with the service, I received and the product/heater installed. I asked for and received an "overflow pan" to be installed and have just ordered a "water leak/detector/alarm"..just in case. Based on todays' service I would highly recommend this company.
Dustin Burras
Dustin Burras
Tankless water heater install. Great Job. Clean and professional, competitive pricing. They stand behind their work. Will call them back for future needs. Chris and Frank did an excellent job.
Lisa Rowells
Lisa Rowells
Kyle was dispatched today to help with our kitchen faucet. He was nice and friendly and answered all our questions & concerns. Upfront pricing and knowledgeable recommendations made our decision to replace the old faucet easier. Will use Coretech again if future plumbing issues arise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Having your sewer lines checked and cleaned every two years is recommended to prevent clogs and maintain optimal performance.

Professional sewer cleaning services typically utilize high-pressure water jetting equipment, drain cameras for inspection, and specialized tools for removing clogs and debris from the sewer lines.

Scheduling a sewer cleaning service typically depends on our availability and the urgency of your situation. 

Yes, regular sewer cleaning can help prevent the need for costly sewer line repairs by removing debris, roots, and buildup that can contribute to clogs and damage over time. Preventative maintenance is critical to preserving the integrity of your sewer system.

It depends on your insurance policy and the specific circumstances of the clog. Some policies may cover sewer cleaning if the clog is sudden and accidental, while others may not cover it if it’s considered regular maintenance.

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